What is a Custom hearing Aid Memory

Hearing aids have the ability to have multiple custom listening memories. Many patients do not need or us custom memories because newer hearing technology often self-adjusts to accommodate different listening situations program. 

Our patients often request special settings for noise, outside listening , or a theatre/auditorium, television, among others.  Whether you are just receiving your hearing aids or have been wearing your hearing aids for quite some time, additional programs can be added at any time!  Your audiologist can also fine tune each of these programs based on your feedback and experiences.  

These programs can be accessed by using the buttons on your hearing aids, an accessory like a remote, or by using the app.  Some of the apps also give patients the opportunity to create their own custom programs!  With this feature, you can make minor adjustments to the different frequencies and save the settings as a program.  This will allow you to fine tune your hearing own hearing experience without having to make a trip to the office.  Creating custom programs won’t make any permanent changes to your hearing aids, so don’t be afraid to try it out.  

If you’d like to add programs to your hearing aids, see a Doctor of Audiology at Gardner Audiology.  The audiologists can fine tune your hearing aids to best suit your lifestyle.  To schedule an appointment, call 800-277-1182 or visit gardneraudiology.com.  We can’t wait to work with you! 

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