How are Hearing Aids Prescription Fitted

After your doctor has completed a hearing test consultation, the next step is to be fit with your new hearing aids!  But what does it mean to be fit with hearing aids?  Your hearing aids are programmed to your prescription.  This means that the hearing aids are fine tuned to reflect your hearing needs.  In […]

What is Hearing Aid Directionality

Background noise is a common complaint when it comes to hearing.  Many hearing aids today have the ability to reduce background noise in different situations.  This is incorporated into the automatic features of many of the hearing aid models.  One way to achieve better listening in noise is through the use of directional microphones.  But what are directional microphones?  Hearing aid […]

What is a Custom hearing Aid Memory

Hearing aids have the ability to have multiple custom listening memories. Many patients do not need or us custom memories because newer hearing technology often self-adjusts to accommodate different listening situations program.  Our patients often request special settings for noise, outside listening , or a theatre/auditorium, television, among others.  Whether you are just receiving your hearing aids […]

How to Evaluate Hearing Aid Cost and value

We know that hearing aids are very useful in treating hearing loss, but it can be an expensive purchase.  When the time comes to pursue hearing aids, it is important to know what options are available to you when it comes to cost.  There are many different insurance plans that offer a benefit towards hearing aids or discounted […]

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