T.V. Streamers Optimize Satisfaction with Hearing Aids

Recently I saw a patient who wears Starkey Wi i110’s. She loves the hearing aids and also purchased a remote with them. She came in to see me for her bi-annual clean and check and stated she was frustrated on her cell phone and in several listening environments. I discussed with her the SLM2 (SurfLink Mobile 2) that is available and she agreed to try it. I demonstrated the unit to her and reviewed the phone connection. I showed her how to listen to her music and explained how to stream TV. She was very excited to try it for the week.

When I saw her the following week she was very happy with the results. The only frustration she had was while streaming TV. She heard the TV better, but also everything else around the TV. I let her know there is a TV Streamer that connects directly to the TV, with no outside distraction. She agreed to try this also to see if it would be of benefit. (As of today we have not demonstrated this but she is coming in to pick it up soon. I will have to update.)

With new wireless technology, there are many ways to be able to adapt to your surroundings. It could be as simple as adding an additional memory to the hearing aids or adding extra accessories. If you are struggling with a certain situation please bring it up at your next appointment and let us help. You will be glad you did!

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