What One HLAA Chapter Did to Make a Difference – Mentor with a Future Audiologist!

Here is the story from the mentee: LeeAnne Browning (February 2015) When considering the components of a traditional education, one quickly realizes there are some missing pieces. Perhaps the most significant of these is what we call “real world” or “hands on” experience. Today, it is often up to the student to fill this gap […]

Have you seen the Hearing Loop Sign?

These signs are starting to pop up more and more these days. This sign means if you have hearing aids or a cochlear implant with a T-Coil (and most hearing aids do these days) then you can get “looped”. Any venue, be it place of worship, theatre, meeting room or even your home can be […]

T.V. Streamers Optimize Satisfaction with Hearing Aids

Recently I saw a patient who wears Starkey Wi i110’s. She loves the hearing aids and also purchased a remote with them. She came in to see me for her bi-annual clean and check and stated she was frustrated on her cell phone and in several listening environments. I discussed with her the SLM2 (SurfLink […]

Hearing Loss and Deaf Social in Safety Harbor was a Success

On Friday, February 27, 2015, I attended the Hearing Loss and Deaf Social event in Safety Harbor. Cynthia Moynihan, president of the Florida Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America, invited me to represent the Florida Academy of Audiology. She also invited leaders from nonprofit groups such National Association for Deaf, AG Bell, Association […]