Spring Hill Location is an Authorized ReSound Hearing Aid Center

Contrary to popular belief, clinically audiologist do not make hearing aids within their facility. Audiologist obtain hearing aids through major manufacturers. These manufacturers include: ReSound, Starkey, Phonak, Unitron, Signia, Oticon, and Widex. Each of these manufacturers distribute quality products that patients’ have had positive experiences with.

Resound was formed in 1984 and has become a worldwide hearing manufacturer since then. ReSound pry’s themselves on ensuring that their technology no matter how old or new is accessible to patient’s with hearing difficulties.

To do this, ReSound has partnered with insurances and third parties that allows patient to obtain hearing technology at a reduced price. This means that ReSound will offer older generations of hearing aid technology to patients but they are still quality products at less cost. Additionally, ReSound provides customer support to their consumers via phone or internet chat. At Gardner Audiology, we have the ability to verify if your insurance offers Resound hearing aids. benefit to determine if they work with ReSound products.

Interested in more information about ReSound hearing aids? Contact Gardner Audiology at 1 (800) 277 – 1182 or visit gardneraudiology.com.

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