Starkey Hearing Aids with Artificial Intelligence in Tampa, Florida

Hearing aids are getting smarter, and smarter! They truly are like small computers on your ears. Starkey Livio products which are available in over-the-ear, and will soon be available in custom, in-the-ear styles now have artificial intelligence features.  

Starkey Hearing Aids with AI 

Artificial Intelligence Improves Sound Quality  

Sound Quality improvements are noticeable in all levels of Starkey Livio technology. From basic to premium level technology, Livio hearing aids offer more natural sound quality, improved music listening, intuitive location features and the ability to adjust your hearing aids from your smartphone if desired.  

Livio hearing aids also have improved ability to cut down on background noise. Higher levels of technology are able to analyze the environment to make changes in your hearing aids automatically.  This means there’s no need to press buttons!  

Hearing & Activity Tracking  

Some Livio models don’t only monitor your hearing, but they also monitor your health. AI hearing aids track your steps and movements, monitor workouts, monitor brain-health by tracking your listening environments, detect falls and alert loved ones, translate languages directly into your ear and so much more! 

If you think Starkey Livio hearing aid might be right for you come visit us at one of our Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, or Pasadena locations. To make an appointment call 1-800-277-1182.  



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