What is the best hearing aid on the market today?

When making an investment in a hearing aid, a lot of patient’s express that they want the best device on the market as they believe it will allow them “the best hearing possible.” In reality, purchasing the best hearing aid on the market will not necessarily allows you the best hearing aid benefit if it is not […]

How to Clean Hearing Aid Domes?

Routine cleaning of hearing aids is absolutely essential in order for your beloved devices to work as optimally as they can. One of the most common questions patients have, in regard to hearing aid care, is how to clean the dome(s) of the hearing aid. Cleaning of the dome on your hearing aid is very important as […]

How Do Hearing Aids Work?

In the simplest of terms, hearing aids work by giving you audibility to a certain range of sounds that you may not hear due to hearing loss. How is this achieved? Well, let’s start with the basic components of the device. Take a look at the figure below before we jump into the intricacies of […]

How to Clean Hearing Aids

Routine cleaning of your hearing aids is absolutely essential for a variety of reasons. First, by routinely cleaning your hearing aid devices you help eliminate the possibly of debris buildup and corrosion. Additionally, without engaging in routine cleaning, you may notice a distorted sound quality or may even perceive the device as not working at all! So, how often […]

What is a Hearing Aid IP Rating?

Before you decide to proceed with hearing aids, you will likely engage in some at-home research. During this, you may encounter confusing terminology or ratings. The most common one you may encounter is a hearing aid IP rating. So, what is an IP rating and what importance does it carry? In its simplest of terms, […]

Can Hearing Aids Help with Tinnitus?

Yes, there is a possibility that hearing aids can help with tinnitus. To date, there is no guaranteed cure for tinnitus because researchers are still unsure of its origin. However, various theories exist including auditory deprivation. What do I mean by auditory deprivation? One of the ongoing theories, regarding tinnitus, is that when an individual […]

How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

Hearing battery life, on average, is between 5-7 days. However, variations will occur depending on how often the hearing aid is used and how much streaming you do. How do you know if you need to change your batteries? Here are some helpful tips: Most hearing aids will play a “low battery” indicator tone or […]

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Unfortunately, Medicare, at this time, does not cover hearing aids. Therefore, when you visit an audiologist you will be 100% responsible for the potential cost of hearing aids as well as the exams. However, potential options are still available. For instance, some Medicare Advantage place (Part C) may offer benefits that original Medicare doesn’t cover […]

Crystal River Doctors of Audiology Authorized to Dispense Phonak Hearing Aids

It is true, relatively speaking, you can obtain a Phonak hearing device from any authorized dealer whether it be an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser. So, what is the difference? In its most basic sense, you will likely receive limited benefit from a hearing aid device if it is not programmed correctly. What do I […]

Oticon Hearing Aid Repair Center Located in Crystal River, FL

Oticon is one of the top hearing aid manufacturers in the United States. With its sleek design, intriguing features (ever wanted your hearing aid to start your coffee pot in the morning?), and mobile capabilities many patients have come to know and love the brand. However, what happens when your beloved device suddenly stops working […]

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