Retired judge issues a verdict about Starkey hearing aids from Gardner Audiology.

I’ve worn hearing aids for several years. Dan Gardner of Gardner Audiology fitted me with a set of Starkey’s just over a year ago. I worked through an initial adjustment period. Six months later, I quietly rely on the Starkey’s, without much awareness of their role – except for when I do not have them in. Without the Starkey hearing aids, I have major problems communicating with the world. Without the Starkeys, there’s no way I can comfortably understand the cashier, the bank teller, or children; conversations with friends are filled with “say again” and “what did you say” Yet with the Starkey’s invisibly in place, I work in a conference setting, help my granddaughter with her homework, and in a myriad of other ways fully function in my world.

I know my Starkey’s are working when I forget to put them in my ears. That is when I know I have a significant hearing loss, because I can’t go about my life in a fully functioning way.

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