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A Happy New Year, Through My Starkey Hearing Aids

I recently had cataracts removed from both eyes. Wow! I simply didn’t know how muddled my world had become, how much I was missing! But now, I walk around amazed by the blue, blue skies, and the tiny green leaves (that had been globs of grey green); the rooms are painted in brighter colors, pieces… [Read More]

Starkey Hearing aids from Gardner Audiology Give Daughter of Pioneer Deaf Educator a New World of Better Hearing

I recently caught up with Maria to follow up to an earlier blog that focused on her father. I wanted to know more about her own hearing loss and her life now that she is wearing Starkey hearing aids. Maria Butler Spence is the daughter of George Stahl Butler (1899 – 1985), a pioneer in… [Read More]

Adjusting my Starkey hearing aids to compensate for grandchildren’s screams

I live in a house with high ceilings and wooden floors and am often visited by three squealing seven-year olds who love to make echoes. When I came home with my new Starkey hearing aids, their young fascination with the physics of sound waves was no longer cute, and I called Dan Gardner at Gardner… [Read More]

Retired judge issues a verdict about Starkey hearing aids from Gardner Audiology.

I’ve worn hearing aids for several years. Dan Gardner of Gardner Audiology fitted me with a set of Starkey’s just over a year ago. I worked through an initial adjustment period. Six months later, I quietly rely on the Starkey’s, without much awareness of their role – except for when I do not have them… [Read More]

Eighteen Year Old Boy Sets Me Straight About My Hearing Aids

I just returned from a 6,676 mile motorcycle trip out West; I’m a little road weary but none the worse for the wear. While traveling, I was invited to dinner at the home of Carol and her 18 year old son, Carl. Carol volunteered that she and her husband adopted Carl when he was eight… [Read More]

Things I still enjoy – with my new Starkey hearing aids from Gardner Audiology

Given my significant hearing loss, I wondered if there would be things I can no longer do, things I’ve always enjoyed. Gratefully, the answer is, “No.” Of course, if there’s something I don’t want to do, that’s a different story. I can (and do) just take out my hearing aids 😉 But I want to… [Read More]

I Am Not Deaf. I Just Misheard.

I recently had a house guest and was more conscious of the humor that marks the difference between what I hear, without my hearing aids, and what was actually said.  And frankly, what I hear is often much more interesting 😉   Examples of why people mistakenly think I’m deaf when I just mishear. As… [Read More]

Daughter of Historic Deaf Educator wears Starkey Hearing Aids

Maria Butler Spence is the daughter of George Stahl Butler (1899 – 1985). I caught up with her following a visit to Gardner Audiology where she was fitted with Starkey hearing aids. I wanted to learn something about her father, a pioneer in the education of the deaf. She explained she was born while her… [Read More]

With New Hearing Aids I Hear My Granddaughter Whisper But When She Screams!!!!

I am a Family Court Mediator and had a mediation the first Monday I was back from my road trip to Gardner Audiology. There were two attorneys and one client with me in a conference room; the second client appeared by conference call. I was amazed! The volume on the speaker phone was on high… [Read More]