A Happy New Year, Through My Starkey Hearing Aids

I recently had cataracts removed from both eyes. Wow! I simply didn’t know how muddled my world had become, how much I was missing! But now, I walk around amazed by the blue, blue skies, and the tiny green leaves (that had been globs of grey green); the rooms are painted in brighter colors, pieces […]

Eighteen Year Old Boy Sets Me Straight About My Hearing Aids

I just returned from a 6,676 mile motorcycle trip out West; I’m a little road weary but none the worse for the wear. While traveling, I was invited to dinner at the home of Carol and her 18 year old son, Carl. Carol volunteered that she and her husband adopted Carl when he was eight […]

I Am Not Deaf. I Just Misheard.

I recently had a house guest and was more conscious of the humor that marks the difference between what I hear, without my hearing aids, and what was actually said.  And frankly, what I hear is often much more interesting 😉   Examples of why people mistakenly think I’m deaf when I just mishear. As […]

Daughter of Historic Deaf Educator wears Starkey Hearing Aids

Maria Butler Spence is the daughter of George Stahl Butler (1899 – 1985). I caught up with her following a visit to Gardner Audiology where she was fitted with Starkey hearing aids. I wanted to learn something about her father, a pioneer in the education of the deaf. She explained she was born while her […]