Gardner audiology probes for hearing aid solution for patient in Tampa Bay, Florida.

T.B. had been wearing Starkey X110 RIC hearing aids, which Gardner Audiology fitted about one year ago. She came in for our new Field Study stating she was curious to see if there was something better. Following testing, I discussed the newer technology, but also probed a little more to find out why she was unhappy with her current hearing aids. It came down to her having difficulty with insertion.

As her hearing aids were relatively new, I presented the option of having custom earpieces made to help make inserting the hearing aid easier. She was pleased with the option and earmold impressions were taken.

T.B. was fit with her custom earmolds approximately two weeks later. Minor programming changes were made and she did feel it was easier to get them in her ears.

A follow-up with T.B. required minor programming changes again, but we were starting get back on track.

The moral of the story is…keep communication with your audiologist open. If we are not aware of a problem, we cannot address the problem. Unfortunately, it took T.B. over a year to finally voice her frustrations. With almost any situation, we can find a solution; whether it is programming, new earmolds or something else. Let us know!

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