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Palm Harbor Doctor solves Hearing Aid Problems with Live Speech Mapping

Many new and existing hearing aid users have never had an objective verification of how well they hear with hearing aids. They make many return visits for adjustments after fitting but still feel like something is amiss.

Live Speech Mapping tests can have a big positive impact on your experience with hearing aids, and it is generally pretty quick. To do this the hearing healthcare professional will put a small microphone into your ear canal while the hearing aids are in. This allows them to visually see the exact output of the hearing aid in your ear and allows them to properly adjust the hearing aid according to your individual prescription. And it only takes a few minutes!

Very few hearing healthcare providers employ this objective tool. Dr. Rachel Conter, a Gardner Audiologist in Palm harbor uniquely uses live Speech Mapping to verify the fit new hearing aids and readjust existing hearing aids.

While the hearing aid computer software is very sophisticated, it cannot account for the differences between people’s ear canals. Minor differences in shape, length, and width of the ear canal can impact which sounds will be over- or under-amplified, even with the recommended settings from the software. This concept is similar to why you would perceive a difference in sound when talking through a short tube compared to a long tube. Dr. Conter sees these invisible discrepancies and corrects them with Live Speech Mapping.

Dr. Conter is currently accepting new patients at her Palm Harbor, Florida location. If you are interested in scheduling a hearing aid consult, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email for more information.

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