Hearing Aid Problems Once Invisible Are Now Seen and Corrected by Tampa/ Citrus Park, Hearing Doctor

Getting hearing aids can be an overwhelming experience. The last thing you want is to have hearing aids that are not properly programmed for your individual hearing loss. The best way to assess this is to use Real Ear testing. It provides a visual display of what you do and do not hear with hearing aids. Surprisingly, very few hearing aid providers do this! You’ll want to make sure you find an Audiologist that uses Real Ear testing when you get a new set of hearing aids. Dr. Lauren Benoit completes Real Ear testing on hearing aid fittings in her Tampa office..

Real Ear testing can have a big impact on your experience with hearing aids. Luckily, it is generally pretty quick! Dr. Benoit will put a small microphone into your ears while you are wearing the hearing aids so that she can get an exact measurement of the hearing aid output in your ear. Once she has this information, she’ll properly adjust the hearing aid to your prescription.

Real Ear testing is recommended is because the length, width, and shape of the ear canal can all have an impact how you perceive sound. This concept is similar to why you would perceive a difference in sound when talking through a short tube compared to a long tube. While the hearing aid computer software is very sophisticated, it doesn’t account for the minor differences in the ear canal. As you can imagine, having the ability to see what the hearing aids are doing in your ears and adjusting accordingly can make all the difference!

Dr. Benoit is currently accepting new patients at her Citrus Park, Tampa, Florida location. If you are interested in scheduling a hearing aid consult, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email info@gardneraudiology.com for more information.

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