Marion county, Dunnellon Audiologist offers the solution to understand muffled speech from masks

During this pandemic, we can all agree that it is a tough time to cope with all the mask regulations implemented in different parts of Florida. Normal hearing people can get by with not reading lips when a speaker wears a mask. On the other hand, hearing impaired people have a more challenging time understanding people with a mask on.  

Fortunately, Starkey hearing aid users are in luck because the manufacturer released a feature called “Edge Mode.” This feature will help clarify the speech of people wearing a mask. From muffled voice to clear voice! From lots of background noise to little background noise! It is easy to access this feature by simply tapping on the hearing aid.”  

Dr. Angela Schenk, a Dunnellon Audiologist, is an experienced expert on this technologyIf you are interested in this feature contact Dr. Schenk’s office by calling 352-448-1772 or email 

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