Gardner Audiology in Spring Hill is an Authorized Phonak Hearing Aid Center

If you are interested in a Phonak hearing aid but unsure of where to begin, our doctors are here to give you guidance. Phonak gained widespread attention in 2019 as it became first hearing aid manufacturer to officer direct streaming to Android devices. This device is known as the Phonak Marvel and also comes in a rechargeable […]

Gardner Audiology authorized Phonak hearing aid center in Tampa, FL

Are you looking for an Audiologist who can help you with Phonak hearing aids? Well you are in luck! Our team at Gardner Audiology in Tampa is highly experienced working with both old and new Phonak hearing aids. The Audiologists stay up to date with the latest products and can answer any questions you may have. When choosing a hearing aid it’s important to consider […]

The best authorized Phonak hearing aid center in South Pasadena, Florida

Whether you are looking for assistance with your current Phonak hearing aids or looking for recommendations for a new Phonak hearing aid we are happy to help. The Audiologists at Gardner Audiology are experts when it comes to the brand Phonak. They are familiar with older models and brand-new models. Our services include, selection and […]