Citrus County Onsite Hearing Aid Repair Service

Does your hearing aid sound weak or has it stopped working? We know how frustrating that can be here at Gardner Audiology. Sometimes a filter change or cleaning may be required to address the issue. Unfortunately, cleaning is not always the answer, and you may need a REPAIR! That does not have to be a scary process.

You may find yourself left with the question of what now? The good news is we work with most all makes and models of the top brand hearing aids. Many times, the problem is simple and can be resolved in the office: meaning you will not be without your hearing aids. In office repairs can be things like:

  • Replacing a lost ear ear piece
  • Replacing a damaged or severed receiver wire
  • Replacing a harden or damaged sound tube
  • Missing microphone covers
  • Drying for moisture issues
  • Debris removal from microphone ports / buttons / controls

However, there will be situations that require your devices to be sent into the manufacture for electronic repair. If your hearing aid is still under manufacture warranty, we will honor that here are Gardner Audiology. We can still help even if you are outside of the warranty! Is your Hearing Aid older than 5 years? No worries, we work with an all-make repair lab and can still help with most older devices.

We will assist you in navigating the repair process even if you purchased your hearing aids elsewhere. For more information or to schedule a service appointment in Crystal River, Inverness and Dunnellon, call our office at 1-352-795-5700 or mail

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