Pinellas County Premier All Make and Models Hearing Aid Service Center in Largo, Florida

Do you live in Pinellas County and have hearing aids that need serviced or just want to get a baseline hearing test? Please don’t hesitate to come to our Largo Gardner Audiology location located on Seminole Blvd. Our Largo location is one of our hearing hub locations which keeps stock of most of the major manufacturers’ parts.

Whether you need a new set of ear tips, wax filters, etc, we usually have what you need in-office and if not, we can order it for you on-site! If you schedule a hearing aid service visit with us it includes but is not limited to: a listening check to check the sound quality of your hearing aids, replacing the filters and domes, brushing/suctioning the microphones, putting them into a moisture chamber which helps to pull out any moisture, and more depending on your hearing aid needs.

Speaking of moisture, at our Largo location we have the Redux machine for hearing care professionals. This machine is tiny but mighty. The Redux is a complete moisture removal system that if done routinely, can help extend the life of your hearing aids (rechargeable or battery). For $35, you can add this to your hearing aid service visit at our Largo location. The Redux will show much moisture it takes out in microliters live on the screen for your hearing provider. Removing only 0.5 microliters of moisture can improve their performance by 73 percent!

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment at our Largo Gardner Audiology location, please call Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email

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