How to Clean Hearing Aid Domes?

Routine cleaning of hearing aids is absolutely essential in order for your beloved devices to work as optimally as they can. One of the most common questions patients have, in regard to hearing aid care, is how to clean the dome(s) of the hearing aid. Cleaning of the dome on your hearing aid is very important as it can become clogged with wax as it is the part of your hearing aid that sits in your ear. There are multiple ways to clean the dome of hearing aid. Listed below are various cleaning techniques:  

  • When you purchased your hearing aids, your audiologist likely supplied you with a designated cleaning brush. However, if you do not have one, a toothbrush is sufficient. To clean the domes, you will lightly brush the dome relieving it of any debris.  
  • You may also use a wet wipe, damp paper towel, or eye glass cloth to wipe the dome of any debris.  
  • You may also remove the dome from the device and place it in a bowl of soapy water. However, please ensure that the dome(s) are completely dry before placing it back on the hearing aid.  

Remember: the only wrong way to clean a hearing aid dome is by not cleaning it at all! 

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