How to Clean Hearing Aids

Routine cleaning of your hearing aids is absolutely essential for a variety of reasons. First, by routinely cleaning your hearing aid devices you help eliminate the possibly of debris buildup and corrosion. Additionally, without engaging in routine cleaning, you may notice a distorted sound quality or may even perceive the device as not working at all! So, how often should you clean your hearing aid(s)? The answer is – everyday!  

Listed below is your step-by-step guide for cleaning your hearing aid(s). 

  1. Start by removing the device(s) from your ear(s) 
  2. Take a wet wipe, damp paper towel, or eyeglass cloth and wipe off the whole hearing aid device including the dome reliving it of any debris 
  3. Take your supplied cleaning brush or unused toothbrush and brush the following areas  
    1. Back of the main hearing aid compartment where the microphone is located  
    2. Open battery door and brush inside of battery compartment if you do not have a rechargeable device  
    3. Brush of the dome reliving the device of any remaining debris

Still struggling with cleaning your hearing aids. We’ve got you covered. Visit the following link for how-to videos on our website that will walk you through, step-by-step, in regard to hearing aid cleaning. 

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