Crystal River Doctors of Audiology Authorized to Dispense Phonak Hearing Aids

It is true, relatively speaking, you can obtain a Phonak hearing device from any authorized dealer whether it be an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser. So, what is the difference? In its most basic sense, you will likely receive limited benefit from a hearing aid device if it is not programmed correctly. What do I mean by programming? Best practices indicate that hearing aids must be fit to a prescription, based on your hearing loss, utilizing real ear measurements (REM).

When a hearing aid is fit with REM, your hearing aids are fit with a scientifically calculated and confined range. Thereby debunking the age-old myth that hearing aids cause loud noise exposure because they merely amplify everything. It is quite the contrary, the goal is to make sound soft sounds, that are typically inaudible to individuals with hearing loss, audible and to make average speech clearer. At the same token, the hearing aid is also restricted in the amount of sound it can amplify. What do I mean? Once the sound reaches a certain intensity, the hearing aid will actually shut off in effort to protect your hearing.

So, what is the main point here? When considering purchasing your new Phonak hearing aid, choose an audiologist. Choose an expert. This allows you the best chance at optimal hearing aid benefit whilst also having the luxury of streaming phone calls, music, and remote app capabilities with Phonak’s latest technology.

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