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Ultimate Health Medicare Advantage Hearing Aid Providers in Palm Harbor, Florida

More and more Medicare Advantage plans are offering hearing aid benefits! If you are enrolled in Ultimate Elite or Ultimate Health Plan HMO, you, too, have hearing aid benefits! Most often, these plans offer discounted pricing on hearing aids. However, depending on the level of your plan, you may also have a funded benefit of up to $2000! If this sounds appealing to you, but you aren’t enrolled in either of these plans, I have good news! Open Enrollment for Medicare Advantage plans is happening now through the beginning of December! 

Ultimate Health Medicare Advantage plans contract their hearing aids benefits through a third-party company, as many insurance companies are doing now. In this case, these plans contract through Nations Hearing. Gardner Audiology in Palm Harbor, FL is an in-network preferred provider for Nations Hearing! 

Nations Hearing offers hearing aids from all major manufacturers, in all styles and all technology levels. There are hearing aids offered in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable. If your hearing aid uses standard batteries, Nations Hearing will provide a 3-year supply of batteries! Nations Hearing will even cover the cost for a set of earmolds, if your hearing loss warrants it.  

Our insurance team and audiologists work with patients regularly to maximize their benefits through Nations Hearing. If you are interested in learning more about hearing aids or discuss your insurance benefits, please contact Gardner Audiology in Palm Harbor, FL at 1-800-277-1182, or email 

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