True Insurance hearing aid benefits vs token discount benefits in Tampa Bay Area

Some insurance plans tout that they have hearing aid benefits even when Medicare does not.

Hearing aid discount programs are offered through many different sources. Sometimes a Medicare replacement or supplement insurance companies will offer token hearing aid benefits. Sometimes membership in a national organization will offer, “discounts,” on hearing aids. I use the term “discount” lightly, because often there is very little discount at the end of the day. What is touted as a hearing aid benefit may cost the consumer more or the same out of pocket expenses as the uninsured.

I had a patient come to see me in the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology. He traveled approximately 35 minutes to see me because his national gun membership offered a discount on hearing aids. After screening his hearing and reviewing his options, he point blank asked me what our price was on the same hearing aid if he just walked into my office on his own, without the discount program. The difference was $50. He was very upset, understandably so. Unfortunately there was nothing I could do or say…I did not set the pricing of his discount program and I suggested that he contact them if he was unhappy.

Sometimes the discount program does have better pricing and sometimes they also offer extended warranties. You must investigate and ask questions to determine if the benefit is a true one. I recommend you call Gardner Audiology before you register with your hearing aid discount program. We are familiar with many of these programs and can compare pricing with you to determine the best direction for you to go. Once you activate that “benefit” you lock yourself in to only going through them. Explore your options first. Call Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182.

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