Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories Available in New Port Richey, Florida

If you wear hearing aids and are still struggling in certain listening situations, you should consider an accessory! All hearing aid manufacturers offer accessories, and can be especially helpful in classrooms, work meetings, car rides, and even watching TV! Phonak, one of the major hearing aid manufacturers, offers a full array of accessories, with the industry’s most advanced and reliable technology! At Gardner Audiology, in New Port Rickey, FL, our providers can help you determine which, if any, accessories would best suit your needs.  

1. TV Connector. Phonak hearing aids offer Bluetooth connectivity to any device that is Bluetooth capable – this includes Smart TVs! This allows audio from the TV to stream directly to your hearing aids. The downside to this direct connection, is that all audio diverts from the TV speakers to the hearing aids. If you are watching TV with a friend or spouse, they won’t be able to hear the TV. With Phonak’s TV connector, users can easily stream TV audio to their hearing aids, while others in the room can still hear audio from the TV speakers! 

2. PartnerMic. Phonak offers this remote mic option to help optimize understanding in one-on-one conversations! Whomever you are speaking to can clip this remote onto their shirt collar, and their voice will be streamed straight to your hearing aids! Not only can this be utilized in a noisy setting, but can also be used when riding in the car, or when a speaker is addressing a group of people.  

3. Roger Products. In the past, some hearing aids had the ability to use an FM system to help stream audio – this was most often used for kids in classrooms to hear the teacher better. Phonak has re-invented this with their Roger products. These products allow for seamless streaming to the hearing aids, with exceptional sound quality. There are several Roger products available – Roger On, Roger Table Mic II, and Roger Select (as well as other products that are compatible with cochlear implants).  

4. Phonak Charge and Care. This charger also acts as a dehumidifier for your hearing aids! Using ventilated air flow and UV light, moisture is drawn out of the hearing aids while it is being charged! This is especially useful, as Phonak’s basic charger does not offer this level of dehumidification. 

5. Phonak Charger Power Pack. Phonak’s hearing aid charging cases do not hold a charge on their own. This means that if you were to lose power, you would need to find an external power source to charge your hearing aids. The power pack attaches onto the bottom of the charger, and holds up to 3 additional charges without needing to plug in the charger.  

 At Gardner Audiology in New Port Richey, FL, our providers are happy to answer any questions you may have about Phonak hearing aid accessories. If you are interested in learning more, or would like to schedule an appointment with a provider, please contact Gardner Audiology in New Port Richey, FL at 1-800-277-1182 or visit 

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