Make Sure You’re Prepared with Your Hearing Aids This Hurricane Season in Tampa Bay, Florida

Florida’s hurricane season is here, and the last thing you want is to be without your hearing aids in the event of a power outage or evacuation! Here are a few ways you can have your hearing aids prepared for a hurricane. 

  1. Keep extra batteries on hand. This seems like a no-brainer, right? Having enough batteries to last through a power outage or flood can help you avoid a lot of unnecessary anxiety – on top of anxiety levels that one could typically expect when a hurricane hits! While scenarios that would prevent you from being able to go to the store are few and far between, it is best to be prepared for anything.
  2. Utilize power banks with rechargeable hearing aids. Rechargeable hearing aids only hold their charge for about 20-24 hours. In the event of a power outage, you want to be able to charge your hearing aids! Keeping a charged power bank at home can help get you through those extra days when you may not have power. Your charging cables have a USB connector at one end, and can be used with power banks and other power sources that may not utilize a traditional outlet. 
  3. Purchase power packs. Many hearing aid manufacturers, such as Phonak, offer additional power packs that can attach to the hearing aid chargers! These power packs hold a charge, so while the hearing aids are charging, so is the charger. If a hurricane knocks out the power, you’ll be able to charge your hearing aids an additional 3 times without being plugged into a power source.
  4. Keep extra supplies handy. Routine maintenance is the key to good sound quality and a longer lifespan for hearing aids! Most often, when a hearing aid stops working it is due to a cleaning/maintenance issue. Having extra supplies will allow you to continue your regular maintenance of your hearing aids, to avoid any issues during a storm.  

Anticipation for a hurricane causes enough anxiety – not to mention the anxiety that comes with any after-effects of the hurricane! By keeping these tips in mind, you can avoid and mis-haps that may cause your hearing aids to be “out of order” during a hurricane. If you are in need of any supplies, or have additional questions on how to be prepared with your hearing aids during a hurricane, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182.  

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