This is your invitation for Free Loan of Livio Hearing Aid

The first hearing aid with artificial intelligence. 

Time Magazine award for one of the 100 best inventions.

Imagine an affordable hearing aid with a tiny, intelligent microchip that:

  • Mimics your ear’s natural hearing.
  • Delivers understandable sound quality in noisy places. 
  • Compatible with iPhone’s and some Android phones. 
  • No batteries to change.
  • Select models can translate foreign languages in realtime and alert family if you fall. 

After fitting more than 100 patients with Livio hearing aids we agree with Time Magazine! We invite you to experience this invention yourself.

In exchange for completing a survey, Gardner Audiology will loan the Livio hearing aids to anyone who wants to hear better. Participants who choose to buy their loaner aids will receive deep discounts, free upgrade to the rechargeable model and one additional year of warranty.

Access to aids for this study is on a first come first served basis. Schedule your appointment with one of our doctors today.

Citrus and Marion County call 1-352-419-6565

Paco, Hernando, Hillsborough, and Pinellas County call 1-800-277-1182 

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