Gardner Audiology offers participants of hearing aid study up to $1000 in reward vouchers

As a participant in Gardner’s 2016 Voice IQ hearing aid study you will receive:

  1. Free candidate screening
  2. Free loan of new aids for 30 days
  3. Free $500 per ear reward vouchers for future purchase of hearing aids.
  4. Free services from audiologists with advanced university degrees

At the end of 30 days you will return your study aids or apply the discount vouchers for purchase. It is your choice.

Starkey Voice IQ, a recently patented technology, relieves the stress off understanding speech in noisy environments such as restaurants and crowds.

Call 1-800-277-1182 to schedule an appointment or to talk to an audiologist in St. Petersburg, Zephyrhills, Crystal River or Inverness, Florida

Gardner Audiology has collected consumer satisfaction surveys from over 4000 Tampa Bay residents. Last year they loaned new hearing aid technology to 233 people in exchange for their opinion on pre and post fitting questionnaires

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