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A Happy New Year, Through My Starkey Hearing Aids

I recently had cataracts removed from both eyes. Wow! I simply didn’t know how muddled my world had become, how much I was missing! But now, I walk around amazed by the blue, blue skies, and the tiny green leaves (that had been globs of grey green); the rooms are painted in brighter colors, pieces of art are complex, I see dust bunnies where there had been none.

As with the growth of the cataracts, my hearing loss was gradual, and I simply didn’t know all that I was missing. Putting on my Starkey hearing aids turns the world on. I smile to hear my granddaughter in the back seat, a bird singing, the timer on my watch, layers of music I had forgotten.

It’s a good year in which to experience this beautiful world.
Happy New Year!

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Laura Melvin

Laura Melvin

Hearing Aid User, Retired Circuit Judge and Attorney, Author of Public Secrets and Justice, Journal of a Circuit Court Judge