Gardner Audiology Million Star Hearing Aid Review

We love hearing back from YOU! Check out this featured testimonial below: 3 years ago, I opted not to get hearing aids. I could not afford them. I began to struggle at my job. I began to be unsocial and my relationship started to suffer. When I couldn’t hear, I withdrew. My hearing became worse […]

Why do people choose Gardner Audiology in Tampa Bay?

“There is no comparison between your (Gardner Audiology) service and the place I went before. The previous place quoted a price, put hearing aids in my ear and said goodbye. No follow up, no explanations. Thank you, for your dedication to my comfort and my hearing. You have made a big improvement to my life […]

Tampa Resident Recommends Gardner Audiology

“Gardner Audiology easily gets 5 stars. I, myself, worked as a Clinician and Administrator in the Medical field for 35 years, so I am very familiar with standard procedures and protocols. The Gardner Team have exemplary knowledge of everything from insurance requirements to the hands on clinical aspect. My initial visit was scheduled and authorized […]

Gardner Audiology Patient Thrilled With Starkey Livio Hearing Aids

“I am glad to give a reference to Gardner Audiology and the Starkey Livio Hearing Aids. I did not know how bad my hearing had gotten until I got these hearing aids. My whole world has changed to the better. I love the streaming feature to my iPhone which helps great in a noisy environment. […]