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Why do people choose Gardner Audiology in Tampa Bay?

“There is no comparison between your (Gardner Audiology) service and the place I went before. The previous place quoted a price, put hearing aids in my ear and said goodbye. No follow up, no explanations. Thank you, for your dedication to my comfort and my hearing. You have made a big improvement to my life… [Read More]

Tampa Resident Recommends Gardner Audiology

“Gardner Audiology easily gets 5 stars. I, myself, worked as a Clinician and Administrator in the Medical field for 35 years, so I am very familiar with standard procedures and protocols. The Gardner Team have exemplary knowledge of everything from insurance requirements to the hands on clinical aspect. My initial visit was scheduled and authorized… [Read More]

Gardner Audiology Patient Thrilled With Starkey Livio Hearing Aids

“I am glad to give a reference to Gardner Audiology and the Starkey Livio Hearing Aids. I did not know how bad my hearing had gotten until I got these hearing aids. My whole world has changed to the better. I love the streaming feature to my iPhone which helps great in a noisy environment…. [Read More]

Hallelujah for Gardner Audiology! Routine Cleaning Brought Back Hearing in Both Ears

Rediscover the world around you with just a routine cleaning. This patient was thrilled to discover that their hearing improved dramatically during the visit.

Gardner Audiology patient says new hearing aids have been his “best friends”

“Gardner Audiology has been awesome! I love that I can hear again. My hearing aids have become my best friend during these initial two weeks. I can now finally hear my wife mention all the items I haven’t completed on my honey-do list.”

“I am very happy and pleased with my new hearing aids.” – Gardner Audiology , Crystal River

“I am very happy and pleased with my new hearing aids. I can finally hear everything. I feel like I am living a new life being able to hear. Doctors and others at Gardner Audiology have been so friendly and passionate about their jobs. I couldn’t be happier the way they treated me.” – Margaret… [Read More]

Dunnellon Patients Love New Hearing Aids – “So many sounds in everyday living we had been missing.”

Hearing the directional signals on our car was the first thing we noticed after receiving our hearing aids at Gardner Audiology in Dunnellon. We suddenly realized why our children were complaining that the TV was too loud. So many sounds in everyday life we had been missing, birds singing in the trees, chimes on our… [Read More]

Inverness Patient Shares Recent Gardner Audiology Visit. “You people have put the joy back in my life.”

  To Whom it May Concern: I would like commend Gardner Audiology (Inverness Office) for the way they handled my recent visit in obtaining hearing aids. First, Dr. Schenk was very thorough in examining my hearing and very professional. She did not just slap hearing aids on me and send me down the road. She… [Read More]

“Gardner Audiology put me on the path to diagnosing my hearing loss…” – Patient Review of Gardner Audiology

After being embarrassed when I had to continuously ask people to repeat themselves and feeling like I was missing out during movies and plays when the audience would laugh and I had no idea why…I was ready to seek help. And Gardner Audiology put me on the path to diagnosing my hearing loss and recommending… [Read More]

Hearing aid patient thankful for Gardner Audiology

I am thankful that I decided on Gardner Audiology to assess my hearing needs. I was impressed with the level of professionalism and person care provided by their very knowledgeable staff. My hearing difficulties were assessed and multiple choices in hearing devices were offered. The decision-making was totally mine based on my needs and cost… [Read More]