Tampa Resident Recommends Gardner Audiology

“Gardner Audiology easily gets 5 stars. I, myself, worked as a Clinician and Administrator in the Medical field for 35 years, so I am very familiar with standard procedures and protocols. The Gardner Team have exemplary knowledge of everything from insurance requirements to the hands on clinical aspect. My initial visit was scheduled and authorized quickly and my Audiogram was performed efficiently by Dr. Benoit who is a master at instruction. It was established that I needed hearing aids. However, following that appointment I had an ENT appointment. That staff was the exact opposite. They required me to see their Audiologist and get another Audiogram. I questioned their staff about this, because I sensed that my insurance would not cover another one. They insisted that this was proper protocol. Then, they had me see the Audiologist a second time for hearing aid fittings and I questioned them why I was not seeing Gardner for that and were they aware of my $2000 hearing aid benefit from my insurance. They had not even bothered to call, but again insisted that I must use their services so I ask them to call insurance. Their Audiologist was not in my network so I wouldn’t be able to use my benefit, but they persisted in trying to pressure me into $3000 hearing aids out of pocket. I had a complete melt down and panic attack. This just didn’t seem fair or right but I didn’t know what to do so I called Gardner and asked if this was normal. Leslie answered the phone and I told her the whole story and how frustrated and anxious I was. Leslie immediately told me I had been misled and what the proper procedure was. She is a superstar! She, also, immediately picked up the phone while I was on hold and called the ENT herself. She truly went to battle for me and had everything straightened out within 30 minutes. Knowing my anxiety, Leslie also scheduled me with Gardner for the very next day, because they are IN NETWORK so that I could be properly informed of the features and benefits / pros and cons of a variety of hearing aid options. I was ecstatic! I had forgotten all about my other disastrous experience but I will never forget about the compassionate well informed soul that saved me! Thank you, Leslie! You really went to bat for me above and beyond what I could have ever expected. I’m getting my hearing aids today. Only one week later and I owe it all to you. I feel like we are BFF’s now.”
– Leslie Champion

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