Gardner Audiology Million Star Hearing Aid Review

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3 years ago, I opted not to get hearing aids. I could not afford them. I began to struggle at my job. I began to be unsocial and my relationship started to suffer. When I couldn’t hear, I withdrew. My hearing became worse and my frustration turned to depression. I went back and had another test. Angela was so compassionate and understanding. Two weeks ago I was fitted for a pair of hearing aids. I was excited to finally hear. It was so overwhelming. I cried. I didn’t realize the little sounds I was missing out on. Nature, the sound of my husband breathing as he slept, children laughing in the playground nearby. I know hearing aids can be expensive if you do not have that benefit in your health care plan. I regret terribly all the beautiful sounds I forgot. ‘If I knew then what I know now’. Don’t we say that each time we learn a life lesson? I would have saved a little each pay check. I would have done without, a little at a time. I would have hoped someone told me what I am telling you. Your hearing is not an option!! My self esteem is back, I don’t need to look at lips to piece together what someone is trying to tell me. I can look at you because I want to see you smile, not because I depend on you. I don’t feel afraid, looking constantly behind me, while walking in the dark anymore. The stars have never shined so bright. There truly are so many wonderful things to be re-experienced!! Speak with the staff, find a way to make it work. Be open minded, let them help. You really do owe it to your beautiful self. I am not just giving everyone at Gardner Audiology 5 Stars, I am giving anyone reading this a million stars. Thank you Angela for giving me back this precious gift!!!

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