How Often Should I Be Seen by an Audiologist?

Whether you are an experienced hearing aid user or are considering hearing aids for the first time, you may wonder how often you should actually be seen by your audiologist. When first being fit with hearing aids, it is likely you will see your audiologist much more frequently, often returning 1-2 weeks after your initial […]

Hearing Loss and Phone Use

With hearing loss, using the telephone can present a challenge. Conversations may be distorted and the lack of visual cues can cause additional difficulties. While the phone may never offer the same benefits of face-to-face conversation, phone conversations with hearing loss has been made easier. Phones offering closed captioning are available for landlines, often at […]

Hearing Aid DOs and DON’Ts

If you are a hearing aid user, you know that hearing aids are an incredible investment in your hearing healthcare and you want to keep them in good working order. Hearing aids have a typical lifespan of 2-6 years (depending on style), however with proper maintenance you may find they can last much longer. The […]

Tips for Communicating with Someone with Hearing Loss

Do you find yourself struggling to communicate with your loved one? Are you finding you are being misheard or have to repeat yourself often? Communicating with someone with hearing loss can be a struggle, it is often our poor communication habits which are to blame. 1. Start with their name Perhaps the most critical aspect […]

Why Choose Gardner Audiology?

You’re looking for an audiologist, possibly because you’ve noticed a change in your hearing, or perhaps you are looking to upgrade your existing hearing aids… but why choose Gardner Audiology? You should choose them for the same reasons I did- the patient focused care, the supportive and professional environment, and the dedication of the staff. […]

What is the best hearing aid?

A question I hear quite often is “what is the best hearing aid on the market?” In truth, there are many great hearing aids available, but the “best” is a matter of personal opinion. Gardner works with all major hearing aid manufacturers, all offering an array of comparable hearing aids. If extra features (such as […]

Trouble Shooting Tips for Your Hearing Aids

So, you have been wearing your hearing aids regularly, when you notice that you are not able to hear as well as when you first got them…. Maybe you aren’t able to hear at all. Don’t panic! Hearing aids require routine cleanings. A build-up wax or debris may prevent sound from travelling effectively from your […]

Quick Guide to Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aids come in all shapes and sizes, and each style has different strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, not all hearing aids are ideal for every type of hearing loss, and hearing aids may vary in power, lifespan, and capabilities. With so many options on the market it helps to know what to expect from the […]

What to Expect When Purchasing Hearing Aids

Have you ever wondered the process for purchasing hearing aids? Not sure how to get started? The hearing aid purchasing experience should be smooth and easy, here is a quick run-down of the process you should expect. 1. Schedule a hearing test or consultation Before you can be fit with a hearing aid you must […]

Kennedy’s flashy hearing aid

Now more than ever hearing aids offer an outlet to express individuality and children are embracing this movement. Many hearing aid manufacturers offer an array of color options and earmolds are quickly becoming an artform, rather than a source of embarrassment. Independent artists have begun selling hearing aid and cochlear implant accessories, such as charms […]

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