How Often Should I Be Seen by an Audiologist?

Whether you are an experienced hearing aid user or are considering hearing aids for the first time, you may wonder how often you should actually be seen by your audiologist. When first being fit with hearing aids, it is likely you will see your audiologist much more frequently, often returning 1-2 weeks after your initial fit, you may be seen several more times over the course of the following months to ensure the hearing aids provide a comfortable fit and volume. Once your new hearing aids have been appropriately set based on your hearing loss and feedback, your visits will likely slow to every 4-6 months—so 2-3 visits per year.

The visits are important for routine servicing of your hearing aids, think of these visits as an opportunity to “deep clean” your hearing aids. When returning for your service visits, you may be seen by an audiology assistant (a licensed professional whose scope of practice may include but is not limited to: hearing aid care, otoscopy, hearing screenings). Your hearing aids will be inspected, all necessary pieces will be replaced, and the hearing aid will be cleaned. Typically, otoscopy will be performed to monitor ear conditions, such as wax build-up or irritation. Hearing screenings should be performed every 12-18 months, typically as a part of the routine service visits. These routine service visits allow a good opportunity to speak with your provider regarding any issues, questions, or suspected changes in hearing.

Of course, any repair issues or hearing concerns warrant scheduling an immediate appointment. If your hearing aid is not in working order, if you feel there has been a change to your hearing, or if you feel your hearing aids need adjustments, contact your provider to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Be sure to explain the nature of your concerns so we can ensure adequate time to address them.

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