Remote Hearing Aid Support in the Greater Tampa Bay Area

Finding the time to attend doctor appointments can often be difficult. Whether it be unsafe driving conditions with the recent increase in rain and storms, inability to find reliable transportation, or a busy work schedule, it may result in a longer wait to get into the office or the possible need to reschedule.  What if […]

Why am I dizzy?

Have you ever experienced the sensations of spinning, lightheadedness, or imbalance? Do you have difficulty walking in the dark? If you have, you may have asked yourself “Why am I dizzy?”. When it comes to dizziness and balance, there are three main systems that contribute to your overall BALANCE SYSTEM.     THE VESTIBULAR SYSTEM is located in […]

Best Hearing Aids in Citrus Park Tampa, FL.

If you are looking for the best hearing aids in Citrus Park Tampa, FL, consult with a Gardner Audiology Doctor to discuss your options. Our Audiologists work with all major brands of hearing aids, including Starkey, Phonak, Signia, ReSound, Oticon, and Widex. Now, you may be asking yourself: Which is the best hearing aid? When […]

Cost of Hearing Aids in Citrus Park Tampa, FL.

When shopping for hearing aids, cost is often a significant factor to consider. According to ConsumerAffairs, the national average cost of hearing aids ranges from $1000 – $4000 per device. However, when comparing cost, it is also important to consider the included value such as included services, technology level, and provider accessibility. At Gardner Audiology […]

See a Doctor Not a Salesman to Buy Widex Hearing Aids in Citrus Park Tampa, FL.

It’s the moment you have been waiting for! Moment, the newest Widex hearing aid, is one of the many hearing aids available at Gardner Audiology. Located in Citrus Park Tampa, our Doctors are authorized providers for Widex hearing aids to target your needs, not your wallet. Imagine the moment you can communicate with your children, […]

For Oticon Hearing Aids, See a Doctor Not a Salesman in Citrus Park Tampa, FL.

Have you found yourself distancing from social activities or large groups because of your hearing? Open up to the world around you with Oticon hearing aids and Opn your ears to a better listening experience with Oticon’s new OpnS. Gardner Audiology, located in Citrus Park Tampa, has Doctors authorized by Oticon to assist in a […]

See a Citrus Park Tampa, FL Doctor Not a Salesman, to Buy ReSound Hearing Aids.

If you want a customized listening experience with modern technology, see a Gardner Audiology Doctor, not a Salesman. Our Doctors are authorized to fit and program ReSound hearing aids to meet your communication needs. Even for those with a severe to profound hearing loss, ReSound has options for you to access sounds hearing aids could […]

See a Doctor Not a Salesman to Buy Signia Hearing Aids in Citrus Park Tampa, FL.

Have you ever tried hearing aids and noticed your voice sounds different? This is typical for new users but with Signia hearing aids this phenomenon has been addressed with Own Voice Processing (OVP) features. OVP listens to your voice and alters the way your devices process it to mimic the more natural sound of your […]

For Phonak Hearing Aids, See a Doctor Not a Salesman in Citrus Park Tampa, FL.

Take a minute and marvel at these Phonak hearing aids! With Phonak’s new Marvel technology, you will have a “clear, rich sound experience” that you won’t want to end. As authorized Phonak providers, Gardner Audiology in Citrus Park Tampa has Doctors ready to program these devices to fit your lifestyle and provide access to this […]

See a Citrus Park Tampa, FL Doctor Not a Salesman, to buy Starkey Hearing Aids.

On the search for better hearing and improved quality of life? Gardner Audiologists in Citrus Park Tampa are here to help! As authorized Starkey hearing aid providers, our doctors will offer the right options to fit your needs. As Doctors and not Salesmen, our primary goal is to help you hear better and live better. […]

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