Audiologist or ENT: Which one is right for me?

I’ve found over the years that many do not know the difference between an Audiologist/Doctor of Audiology and an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) physician.  Let’s break it down: 

Audiologist or Doctor of Audiology (AuD):  

  • The primary health-care professional who evaluates, diagnoses, treats and manages hearing loss (includes hearing aids, cochlear implants and bone anchored devices), tinnitus and balance disorder across the life span.  
  • Completes a four-year graduate program which includes a one-year externship culminating in a Doctor of Audiology (AuD) degree 

Otolaryngologist (ENT):  

  • The healthcare specialist who diagnoses and treats ear, nose, throat and other areas of the head and neck; surgically and non-surgically. 
  • Completes Medical School followed by a 5-year residency culminating in a DO or MD degree.  Additional training is required for specialized areas such as pediatrics or reconstructive surgery. 

Which provider is the right one for you lies in the complaint/concern you are experiencing.  Utilize the chart below as a guideline to help make the correct decision for you. 

Here at Gardner Audiology, we strive to ensure all our patients have the best hearing possible. We have working relationships with ENTs in all locations and can recommend one as needed; however, it is always best to discuss your medical concerns with your Primary Care Physician first. 

Call Gardner Audiology today to schedule an appointment with one of our Doctors of Audiology at one of our 10 locations. 1-800-277-1182. 

*Please note, Gardner Audiologist cannot bill your medical insurance for Ear Wax Removal and will be considered private pay. 

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