Tampa Bay Alternative to Over the Counter Hearing Aids

Gardner Audiology is a 40-year hearing healthcare company in Tampa Bay, Florida. Their mission statement is to improve the quality of all people’s lives with the best possible hearing.  While they applaud the recent Over The Counter hearing aid legislation, they have found a cost-effective alternative built by Starkey, one of the world’s top six […]

How to Research OTC Hearing Aids

Over-The-Counter (OTC) hearing aids are now approved by the FDA.  Before purchasing, do your homework!  Not all OTC hearing aids are created equally.  Decided what features are most important to you and then read, read, read the reviews from others who have tried those devices.  Some hearing aids are more cosmetically transparent than others. Some […]

How to Shop for Over The Counter Hearing Aids

With Over-The-Counter (OTC) hearing aids being the latest buzz word, my patients ask me about them every day. Everyone expects them to be much cheaper than hearing aids that are fitted in person. This is not necessarily true.   I expect OTC hearing aids to sell for around the $500 mark. Personal sound amplifiers (PSAPS) are […]

Which OTC Hearing Aid Is Best For Me?

Now that Over-The-Counter hearing aids are being offered, how do you know which device is best for you?  Without guidance from a professional, you will need to do you due diligence before ordering.  Are you choosing an off brand or one from a known worldwide manufacturer of hearing aids? This may be important if you […]

Over The Counter Hearing Aids Verses Major Brand Aids

As an audiologist, I’ve been a hearing healthcare provider for over 46 years. This last week I’ve seen a lot of hype about people saving thousands of dollars on hearing aids when they buy over the counter without a proper in person hearing test. But, what exactly are they buying?  First off, buying any hearing […]

Limitations of Online Hearing Tests

When considering Over-The-Counter hearing aids, just how accurate are those online hearing tests? The short answer is…not very!  There are many variables that cannot be controlled that will result in inaccurate test results. Those tests also cannot tell if you have wax in your ears. They cannot tell what type of hearing loss you have […]