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Limitations of Online Hearing Tests

When considering Over-The-Counter hearing aids, just how accurate are those online hearing tests? The short answer is…not very! 

There are many variables that cannot be controlled that will result in inaccurate test results. Those tests also cannot tell if you have wax in your ears. They cannot tell what type of hearing loss you have or if it could be medically treatable.  Because the results are vague, you will not know the degree of hearing loss and whether or not hearing aids are warranted. 

If you are considering going the OTC route, have a proper in person test before moving forward. Once you have determined you do not have an ear full of wax and you do not have a treatable condition causing your hearing loss, you will be provided with a detailed description of the hearing loss that you can send to the OTC company to finely tune the devices specifically to YOU!  

For more information about the importance of a proper hearing test review these online offerings: 

For more information about proper hearing exams visit or mail info@gardneraudiology.come. 

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Jodi Conter, Au.D., Audiologist

Jodi Conter, Au.D., Audiologist

Doctor of Audiology from A.T. Still University
Jodi Conter, Au.D., Audiologist

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