Tampa Bay Alternative to Over the Counter Hearing Aids

Gardner Audiology is a 40-year hearing healthcare company in Tampa Bay, Florida. Their mission statement is to improve the quality of all people’s lives with the best possible hearing.  While they applaud the recent Over The Counter hearing aid legislation, they have found a cost-effective alternative built by Starkey, one of the world’s top six hearing instrument manufacturers. 

The Audiology Doctors at Gardner are offering the Starkey Livio 1600 receiver in the canal hearing aid for $490. This is about what you would expect to pay for a mail order over the counter hearing aid without any professional support. 

Unlike OTC aids, Gardner’s Livio 1600 comes with doctor exam, prescription fitting, follow-up care and, not one but, 3 years of repair and loss and damage warranty. This hearing aid has all the advanced technology including noise suppression, directional microphones and both on aid volume controls and/or a phone app for adjusting the sound. 

Affordable hearing aids are now available both online and at Gardner Audiology,  

Visit Gardner Audiology at www.gardneraudiology. Email info@gardneraudiology or call 1-800-277-1182 

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