Troubleshoot and revive your dead hearing aid.

Feel as though your hearing aid is not working as well as it was when you first got it?  It’s important to know what to do that way you can troubleshoot and get back to using your hearing aids as intended.  In this blog, I will cover the most common problems that are associated with using hearing aids. We will also cover various solutions to address these problems.  

Ways to troubleshoot your hearing aids  

Weak sound or doesn’t turn on? Sometimes, the sound coming out of the hearing aid can be weak and that’s obviously not right at all.  A few steps to ensure the hearing aid is working properly: 

  1. Check that the hearing aid is fully charge or has a new battery 
  2. Check that the hearing aid is clean. Brush over the microphones, wipe the tip, and change the wax filters.  

Whistling or noise coming from the hearing aid?This is called feedback.  Feedback is when your hearing aid produces sounds that it simply isn’t meant to. Sound feedback can be very frustrating and difficult to cope with. To resolve this, check the following: 

  1. Check that the hearing aid is clean. Brush over the microphones, wipe the tip, and change the wax filters.  
  2. Check the positioning of the hearing aid in the ear. Feedback is most common when the tip of the hearing aid is NOT securely positioned where it should be.  
  3. Lastly, if you have cleaned the hearing aid and it is properly inserted in your ear, you might want to have your audiologist or family doctor check your ear for ear wax build up.   

Sometimes, your hearing aids are telling you that a professional repair job is required. Hearing aids are incredibly advanced and delicate pieces of technology. There are several different ways you can troubleshoot these issues at home, but it’s important to note that intricate or damage repairs should be handled by your audiologist.  

If you are still having difficulties or would like to schedule a cleaning of your hearing aids, please contact Gardner Audiology at 800-277-1182.

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