Starkey Z Series Hearing Aids Were a Life-Saver For These People

Approximately one month ago, Gardner Audiology held mini-sessions to introduce the new Starkey Z series of hearing aids to several of our established hearing aid clients. During the sessions we reviewed the advancements of the hearing aid, but also in the SurfLink Mobile (SLM). The SLM allows the user to access a remote, additional/remote microphone and the ability to link to other devices such as computers and cell phones.

Two individuals in particular took advantage of the new Starkey Zi110 with SLM option of the Gardner Field Study. Both were individuals that had worn hearing aids for years, yet still struggled in most areas of communication. Initially fit with just the hearing aid, both came back for their first follow-ups impressed with how much better they were hearing. The hearing aid was much more natural sounding than anything they had worn before. For the remainder of their trials they were given the SLM. Both were shown the remote control functions and remote microphone options. Their significant others were most interested in this, as recently, both had situations where they needed the other to hear but could not. One in particular had been ill and had to text her husband to tell him to answer the door or to come and help her.

Both came back time and again, stating it was a life-saver. Their significant others use it when they are in the other room (remote microphone) – one even calls it “her remote” – and both have found it helpful when watching television. One has used it in restaurants and stated it was the first time in a long time he could hear everyone at his table. On our post-fitting questionnaire, one had shown improvements of over 50% in all categories, largely due to the use of the SLM.

The SLM is not for everyone and is only one of the options available through the current study. Come in, ask some questions, and let us help find the right solution for you!

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