Resound One Review from Gardner Audiology Patient, Spring Hill, Hernando county, Florida

Resound’s newest M&RIE – Microphone & Receiver iEar – receiver has caught the eye of more than a few patients! One of our patients at Gardner Audiology, who has been a lifelong hearing aid user, recently trialed the Resound One with the M&RIE receiver. This patient wanted to compare the sound quality between the Resound One and a pair of hearing aids he was wearing from Costco before deciding on a pair to purchase.  

What immediately impressed this patient was the natural sound quality! The M&RIE receiver includes a microphone at the entrance to the ear canal, which allows your ear to collect sound waves using the bends and curves of your ear…as nature intended. 

This patient was also blown away by the technology in the hearing aid! Not only could this patient hear more clearly than before, but they could also hear people who were further away; Eavesdropping just got that much easier! …Just kidding! 

This patient is also a bit tech savvy, so the Bluetooth connectivity was a huge hit! The Resound One is not only capable of streaming music and phone calls, but there is also an app that allows for some remote control of the hearing aids. This app allows patients to adjust volume, as well as make minor tuning adjustments.  Perfect for patients who want a bit more control over the hearing aids! 

Overall, this patient was extremely pleased by the performance of the Resound One and M&RIE! The sound quality was significantly better than the other hearing aids that this patient had tried in the past. If you residein the Tampa Bay area and are interested in Resound One hearing aids, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182, or email to schedule at one of our 8 locations! 

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