People Complaining You Have Hearing Loss? Live in Hernando County?… Now what?

If your loved ones are making comments, you have trouble hearing them chances are you may have some degree of hearing loss. Even a mild loss can be noticed by those around you. Routinely having your hearing checked should not be embarrassing or intimidating.  

At Gardner Audiology in Spring Hill we make it easy to schedule an appointment to see one of our providers. All you have to do is call us! We ask for basic information such as: 

  • Name  
  • DOB 
  • Insurnace 
  • Health History 


Before your appointment our insurance team will verify your hearing benefits. 

Collecting all your information up front gives our hearing care providers all the information to make your appointment efficient and informational for you. At your initial appointment we will review your case history, look in your ears, test/review your hearing. Our hearing exams are done in a sound treated booth. We will not only assess your hearing acuity but also evaluate your ability to understand conversation. We also discuss hearing aid options ONLY IF YOU NEED OR WANT THEM.  

If hearing aids are not needed, we typically recommend coming back annually to monitor your hearing.  

If hearing aids are recommended, we will review your insurance benefits if applicable. Gardner Audiology will walk you through the process of ordering, fitting and follow up care for the hearing aids.  

At Gardner Audiology we strive to make your hearing health care experience seamless and stress free! Call us at 1-352-556-5257 or visit our website for more information or to schedule an appointment. We are at 1265 Kass Cir, in Spring Hill. 

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