How Long Does It Take to Adjust to Hearing Aids?

Many patients are nervous about getting hearing aids for the first time. It can be overwhelming learning how to use the hearing aids, and adjusting to this “new normal”. A lot of patients often ask “How long does it take to adjust to hearing aids?”

In general, it’ll take about a week or two to adjust to your hearing aids. It can sometimes take a little longer, depending on your hearing loss, but the more consistently you wear the hearing aids, the quicker you’ll adjust to them!

The most common “complaints” from new hearing aid users are that their own voice sounds strange, and that they sound “tinny”. These are both things that we expect new hearing aid users to notice! For one, your voice is the closest thing to the microphones, so it will sound a little loud! Odds are you haven’t been hearing your own voice as other people have, but give it a few days and you should adjust! When patients say that things sound tinny, those are the higher pitches that they haven’t heard in a while! Your audiologist can make adjustments to address these “complaints”, and over time you won’t even notice.

These “complaints” are expected since your brain hasn’t heard certain sounds in a while, depending on what your hearing loss looks like. Just like a new pair of glasses, it will take some adjusting to. Wearing your hearing aids consistently will yield the best results. And of course, if you have any questions or concerns, be sure to mention them to your audiologist, as they likely have a solution!

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