Holidays and Hearing Health in Tampa Bay

The holidays are upon us! This is the time of year we take part in family gatherings, religious services, as well as phone calls with our family and friends. During the holiday season, it offers us many opportunities to connect with family and friends. However, for individuals with hearing loss these events may become stressful due to the challenging listening environments. There is no better way to recover your hearing capability than by having your hearing tested by a doctor of audiology because hearing aids may connect you with loved ones over the holidays.

To assess your hearing, you will want to start off by making an appointment to see an audiologist here at Gardner Audiology. Our audiologist will take a careful case history to learn more about your hearing health and medical history. If your test results qualify you as a candidate for hearing aids, the audiologist will begin to develop a hearing treatment plan that is customized to your needs.

Already have hearing aids, that is great! Call us for an appointment to come in for a routine cleaning. This appointment will ensure that your hearing aids are in working order so you can engage in that wonderful conversation with your family and friends around the dinner table.

Questions about hearing aids and your insurance benefits? We have our insurance team that can verify your insurance for you. This way we can advised you of any possible hearing aids benefits you may have. Give us a call today and we will guide you on to better hearing health. To check your hearing, insurance benefit, and schedule a consultation, please contact us at 800-277-1182.

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