Hearing loss and memory decline, are they connected?

As we have more birthdays, hearing loss and dementia become more common.  Research has been pointing towards a connection between the two.  More and more research has been conducted and is demonstrating that difficulty with hearing also makes you more likely to go on to have dementia.  Dementia is a condition which is marked by memory loss and trouble with problem-solving, thinking, or other mental tasks.   

So, where is the link you ask? Researcher are still looking for the definitive connection; however, studies indicate that mental decline seems to increase the worse that the individuals untreated hearing problems are.  The keyword being untreated.  Individuals with hearing loss have difficult joining in on conversations or being social thus they tend to feel isolated.  With hearing loss, you must work harder to process what is being said.  This may cause mental exhaustion causing you to stray away from other activities you usually enjoy. 

What can you do?  Make an appointment with an audiologist.  Even if you do not think you have difficulty hearing it is good to get a baseline hearing screening and to monitor your hearing year to year.  If a decline in hearing is noted our team of audiologists will recommend and discuss hearing aid options with you at that time.  With the use of hearing aids this will provide stimulation to the brain and give back those sounds you are missing out on.  

Questions about hearing screenings, hearing aids, and possible insurance benefits? Give us a call today and we will guide you to better hearing and brain health. To check your hearing, insurance benefit, and schedule a consultation, please contact us at 800-277-1182. 

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