How much do hearing aids cost in Dunnellon, Marion County, Florida.

Hearing aid prices tend to vary based on geographical location, local competition and level of technology. Here in Dunnellon, Florida the average cost of many Starkey, ReSound and Phonak hearing aids ranges from $1500 per device for people with quiet lifestyles and up to $3000 per device for premium level technology that helps those with active lifestyles.. With such a wide range of pricing it is important to ensure you talk with Dr. Schenk so she can help you determine which level of technology may be appropriate to your lifestyle and needs.

Typically included in the above pricing is not only the device, but the warranty and services associated with fitting and follow up of your Starkey, ReSound or Phonak hearing aids during the warranty period. Warranties will vary depending on level of technology and manufacturer. Here at Gardner Audiology, we offer an initial trial period on all hearing aids at no purchase obligation to you. For our seasonal residents we can offer self-clean discounts as you will likely incur costs when you are home should service be required.

Dr. Angela Schenk understands that costs is always a concern. At Gardner Audiology in Dunnellon, we offer lower cost name brand name aids in our efforts to help everyone hear. We offer two Starkey hearing aids, one starting at $490 which we consider an excellent alternative to mail order.

While we see many patients and service all major hearing aids brands (Starkey, ReSound, Phonak) we know that who you see and how your hearing aids are fit is more important that the brand or cost of the device.

Call our Dunnellon office to set up your consultation with our hearing aid expert, Dr. Angela Schenk at 352-448-1772 or 1-800-277-1182. See a doctor not a salesman when it comes to your hearing health.

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