Gardner Audiologist, Dr. Angela Schenk supports Hearing Care for Children Act

Gardner Audiologist Dr. Angela Schenk, her sons and Senator Dennis Baxley

We spent Wednesday, January 10, at the Capitol building in Tallahassee seeking support for Senate Bill 890 and recently introduced House Bill 1427, The Hearing Care for Children Act.

My boys, Nick and Alex were with me and approximately 50 other Audiologists, Audiology students from USF, UF and FSU, and other families visited every senator and representative to ask for the their support or thank them for their support. It was truly an amazing day. While the boys were a little overwhelmed, they came out at the end of the day, thankful they were able to meet with everyone and show them how important this bill would be. We also spent a little time with our Senator Wilton Simpson’s staff (Senator for Citrus, Hernado and part of Pasco Counties). I discussed why the bill was important to me professionally and personally.

The Senate Bill is sponsored by Senators Dennis Baxley (pictured next to my boys) and Keith Perry (Alachua, Putnam and Marion Counties). The House Bill is sponsored by Representatives Shawn Harrison (Tampa), Kristen Jacobs (Broward and Palm Beach) Amy Mercado (Orlando) and Bobby Olszewski (Orlando).

The Hearing Care for Children Act would mandate private insurances in the state of Florida to cover hearing aids for children ages 0-21.
We encourage all families to contact their senators and representatives and ask them to support this bill. You can locate yours by going to or

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