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Best Resound Audiologist in Spring Hill, Florida

Resound, one of the major hearing aid manufacturers, has just released their new hearing aid, the Resound One! This new hearing aid has an additional microphone at the entrance to the ear canal, which allows for a sound quality like never before! 

If you have been interested in trying this new hearing aid, you’ll want to make sure you pick a qualified hearing healthcare professional that is knowledgeable about Resound hearing aids. Dr. Jodi Conter, at Gardner Audiology in Spring Hill, Florida, is the provider you’ll want to see! Dr. Conter has over 35 years of experience as an audiologist, and regularly attends trainings and conferences to stay up-to-date on the industry’s latest and greatest! …And right now, that’s the Resound One! 

Dr. Conter recently attended an extensive training specific to the Resound One. She has fit a few patients so far, and the feedback has been incredible! Patients are raving about the natural sound quality and overall improvement compared to their previous hearing aids. While a lot of that is from the hearing aid itself, a large portion of patient satisfaction and success is also due to the hearing healthcare professional themself!  

Dr. Conter is very comfortable and confident working with Resound One hearing aids! Since she attended the Resound One training, Dr. Conter is equipped with all of the appropriate knowledge and quick tips necessary to a successful fitting and programming! If you are interested in the Resound One hearing aid, please consider seeing Dr. Conter at Gardner Audiology in Spring Hill, Florida! To book an appointment, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182, or email 

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