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With any big purchase you make, you want to be sure you’ve done your research ahead of time. Whether it be a new car, a house, a TV…you want to know that you’re making the right decision about which product will work best for you – and hearing aids are no different! There are several different manufacturers of hearing aids, different styles, and different technology levels that all need to be considered. What is just as important to consider is who your provider is! Finding a provider that is not only knowledgeable, but also relatable, can make all the difference in your experience with your hearing aids.  

If you are in New Port Richey, FL, please consider seeing Dr. Lauren Benoit at Gardner Audiology for your hearing aid needs! Dr. Benoit is a Doctor of Audiology, and has extensive knowledge about hearing loss and hearing aids. Based on your hearing loss and lifestyle, she can make recommendations for hearing aids that would best suit you as an individual. She is also trained to work with devices and software made by all of the major hearing aid manufacturers, and is able to service and reprogram any devices that you may already have! 

As a Doctor of Audiology, Dr. Benoit understands the importance of proper prescription programming techniques and measurements. The “gold standard” measurement for fitting a hearing aid is called Real Ear Measurement, and Dr. Benoit is sure to do this while fitting a hearing aid whenever possible. This can also be done to reprogram a hearing aid! 

If you are interested in new hearing aids, or would like to establish care with a new provider in New Port Richey, FL, Dr. Lauren Benoit is currently accepting new patients! Please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or visit to schedule an appointment with Dr. Benoit.  

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