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The best authorized Phonak hearing aid center in Inverness, Florida

Considering getting new hearing aids and want more information about Phonak hearing aid models?  Our team of audiologist can guide though the selection process and answer any questions you may have.  Our goal at Gardner Audiology is to make sure you make the best decision on the latest technology.   The newest model of Phonak hearing… [Read More]

The Best Audiologist in Clearwater, Florida

Looking at getting new hearing aids and want to find the right audiologist for you? Look no further than Gardner Audiology in Clearwater, FL! If having a passionate and knowledgeable audiologist is important to you, consider scheduling an appointment to see Dr. Rachel Conter. Dr. Rachel Conter graduated with her Doctor of Audiology from University… [Read More]

Inverness, Florida Authorized United Healthcare Hearing Aid Provider

Gardner Audiology, located in Inverness, FL, is an authorized provider for United Healthcare (UHC) insurance plans. While understanding, your insurance can be a bit confusing, our knowledgeable staff can help verify your benefits and give your more insight to what you benefit your UHC plan will provide. Patients with UHC insurance may have a plan… [Read More]

Authorized United Healthcare Hearing Aid Provider in Clearwater, Florida

If you have United Healthcare, you came to the right place!  For several years now, United Healthcare (UHC) Medicare Complete members had limited hearing aid benefits. Here at Gardner Audiology in Clearwater, Florida we are an authorized UHC Hearing Aid Provider. This means that we can assist you with all your hearing health needs as well as… [Read More]

Authorized ReSound Hearing Aid Center in Dunnellon, Florida

As hearing aids evolve, our requests for better hearing become more complex. Patients are interested in technology that is rechargeable, has immaculate sound quality, and compatible with their smart phones. ReSound is one of the manufactures that checks off all those requests.  Most patient turn to ReSound as their products fall in line with patients’ needs for better hearing… [Read More]

Best United Healthcare Hearing Aid Provider in Dunnellon, Florida

Have a United Healthcare (UHC) insurance plan? We know that understanding what your insurance plan offers can be intricate. Our insurance specialists would be happy to contact your insurance company to verify your benefits. At Gardner Audiology, we try to make it easy, we have a team that will verify benefits ahead of your appointment. … [Read More]

The Best Authorized ReSound Hearing Center in Inverness, Florida

Feel as though you are not hearing as well as you once use to? Looking at getting the latest hearing aid technology? It is vital to consider a product that is best suited for you. At Gardner Audiology in Inverness our audiologists will help you decide on which hearing aid is appropriately matched to your… [Read More]

The Best Authorized ReSound Hearing Aid Center in Clearwater

Looking at improving your quality of life. As a future hearing aid consumer, it is important to consider a product that is compatible with your hearing needs, lifestyle, as well as your budget.  It may be hard to make that decision on a product that best suits you. At Gardner Audiology in Clearwater our audiologists… [Read More]

Troubleshoot and revive your dead hearing aid.

Feel as though your hearing aid is not working as well as it was when you first got it?  It’s important to know what to do that way you can troubleshoot and get back to using your hearing aids as intended.  In this blog, I will cover the most common problems that are associated with… [Read More]

A new ear resolution that is easy to keep!

The new year is upon us and as the holiday season winds down, we begin to focus on our new goals for the 2020 new year. If you feel that you have hearing loss make one of your goals to assess your hearing health. For us to evaluate your hearing, you will want to start… [Read More]