Humana Medicare Advantage Hearing Aid Providers in Citrus Park, Tampa, Florida

Medicare Advantage open Enrollment is happening now! Eligible patients are able to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans through the beginning of December. Several Medicare Advantage plans are now offering hearing aid benefits, including a few Humana plans! If you are enrolled in Humanachoice Florida PPO or Humana Gold HMO, then you have access to hearing aid benefits!  These Humana Medicare Advantage […]

Hearing Loss? Should you see a Doctor of Audiology or an ENT physician in Tampa Bay?

You’re having trouble hearing, so who should you see, an ENT physician or a Doctor of Audiology? If you live in the Tampa Bay area you have lots of choices.  ENT physicians are primarily interested in treating ear nose and throat diseases while Audiologists are totally focused on recovering a person’s ability to hear if they have an untreatable hearing loss. Most ENT physicians depend on a Doctor of […]

Ultimate Health Medicare Advantage Hearing Aid Providers in Citrus Park, Tampa, Florida

Wondering if your Ultimate Health Medicare Advantage plan offers hearing aid benefits? Well, if you are enrolled in plans such as Ultimate Elite or Ultimate Health Plan HMO, you do have hearing aid benefits! Ultimate Health Medicare Advantage plans contract their hearing aids benefits through a third-party company, as many insurance plans are doing now. In this case, these plans contract through […]

What Are The Differences Between Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans in Tampa Bay?

Understanding the differences between traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage can be confusing. Our insurance experts at Gardner Audiology took some time to create a visual to help explain the differences.    Original Medicare  Medicare Advantage  includes hospital & medical insurance   “all in one” plan, includes hospital, medical, prescriptions, and extra benefits like dental, vision, and hearing  […]

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