Zephyrhills Hearing Aid User Thankful for Gardner Audiology Research Study

DH has been coming to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology for more than four years. He has asymmetrical hearing loss and has been wearing a receiver in the canal hearing aid in his left ear for four years.

Recently DH came in for a check up and we rescreened his hearing. Hearing had deteriorated in both ears, and he now needs hearing aids in both ears. Finances were a concern and he wanted to try a hearing aid that his insurance benefit would cover. He asked to participate in our new Starkey 3 Series Hearing in Noise Field Study to see if we could improve his ability to understand his wife and conversation in general.

When I fitted the new hearing aid, I opted to fit it on his poorer ear and switch the older aid to the better ear. He immediately heard an improvement, just sitting in my office. His wife shared that while sitting in the waiting room, every time she spoke to him he leaned in very close to try and understand. With both hearing aids in, he was understanding everything both of us were saying. He returned in one week, thrilled to be a part of the conversation again. He is very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the field study and to experience better hearing!

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